Pitched Roof Advantages – Considering the Slope on Your Roof

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October 25, 2018
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Roofs come in a variety of sizes and colors. Among the many other decisions you’ll be making, you have to also consider the steepness of its slope. Beyond just personal preferences, Element Exteriors states that the angle of the slope is an aspect that can turn out to have many advantages or plenty of disadvantages. This article will go over the pitched roof advantages and why you consider it as an option prior to choosing you roof.

Pitched Roof Advantages

1. Prevention of Water Pools On the Roof

If you live in an area that rains a lot, you’ll come across the risk of ruining your roof due to water pooling on it. A lower or flat slope encourages the water to linger for longer and this, in turn, seeps into the roofing. This will lead to degrading and overtime results in leaks and development of molds under the roof.

On the other hand, steeper roofs prevent the accumulation of water on your roofing since gravity acts on anything getting on the roof, and ensures the water flows down as quickly as it lands.

2. Energy Efficiency

Pitched Roof Advantages

Pitched roofs also help in keeping your energy bills low whether you live in cold or warm areas. This is because they allow for smooth movement of air through the eaves and ridges. It prevents the buildup of ice in the colder climates while also ensuring you need less cooling when it comes to the warmer climates. This advantage has made roofs of this height the basis upon which a cold roof is created.

3. Versatile Décor and Custom Options

Pitched roofs also come with aesthetic value and advantages. For starters, they have an unmissable presence and allure. They make the house look more polished and bigger. They also allow for more room of improvising and customizing to create a unique look suited to preferences and circumstances. Whether it is decorations and artistic designs you want to try out, a pitched roof offers more room and flexibility compared to other options.

4. Increased Durability

The steep slope of a pitched roof also serves as a protective mechanism for your roofing. It is not just water that is not allowed to linger on your roof, but other debris too like leaves, dirt, and branches especially after a storm or strong wind. Waste not only dirties your roof, but also creates room for more moisture and water to be retained.

With the slope ensuring that everything slides quickly to the ground, this feature will add to your roof’s lifespan. This is why higher pitched roofs last longer and require less repairs than flat roofs.

5. More Storage Space

The extra height provided by the pitched roofs also creates additional space you can use for storage by creating a bigger attic.


Pitched roof advantages include higher durability, less risk of rain and debris damage, easier maintenance and flexibility along with greater aesthetic value. They also make it easier to create extra space in an attic. Keep this guide in mind the next time you’re looking to update or install a new roof so that you’re choosing the absolute best.

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