Is Foam Roofing Worth It? – Comparing to Traditional Roofing

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November 19, 2018
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December 13, 2018

Foam roofing can be a really great investment, especially if you live in hot, arid places like Arizona. Although like every other construction project you’ll need done in your home, you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons before deciding what to choose; particularly if your home is suitable for foam roofs. So, is foam roofing worth it? This article will go over different consideration points to ponder over before deciding to opt for a foam roof or not.

Is Foam Roofing Worth It?

What Is Foam Roofing?

It is a type of roof made from both polyol and isocyanate. It is mixed into a sprayer and comes out as liquid when it’s being applied. Since it starts out as liquid, it can practically take any shape you want.

Once the liquid foam is applied, it will start bubbling and expanding so that it seals off all crevices and cracks on your roof top. This seals out not just water (and thus leakages), but air as well.

When the foam is done expanding, a durable outer covering is placed on it to protect the foam from the elements. Note that your home will still be covered even without the outer covering — it’s just placed to keep it from wearing out too fast.

What Types Of Homes Use Foam Roofs?

Most homes with foam roofs typically have flat roofs. The truth is though, foam roofs can actually be applied on almost any roof shape, regardless of how irregular it is. The reason is because foam roofs use a “spray technique” to apply the foam roof to difficult and inaccessible areas. Foam roofs work best in hot climates, because they help cool the home faster, ensuring you’ll spend less on air conditioners and other coolers.

Benefits Of Foam Roofing

Energy Saving

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of foam roofing, because the polyurethane material used in roofing is a thermal insulator. This improves the air quality in your home, thus reducing your cooling energy costs. Depending on certain factors (like the size of your home), foam roofs can cut up to 30% of your costs.

Save Maintenance Costs

Even though foam roofs tend to be more expensive upfront than other types of roofs, they compensate for this by requiring very few maintenance and repairs over time thanks to their leak-proof nature. Any repairs, if at all, will be relatively minor.

Less Weight

Unlike most roofing materials, which can be heavy (thus causing more stress on your building), foam roofs are incredibly light.

Care Of Foam Roofs

  • Wear light shoes while walking on it. Remember: it’s made of a relatively light material, so you don’t want your shoes digging into it.
  • Along the same lines, avoid putting heavy equipment or furnitures on the roof (for the same reason as above).
  • Conduct a regular roof inspection after major storms to check for cracks and other signs of distress.
Bottom Line

Is foam roofing worth it? It depends. Foam roofs are a relatively new to roofing technology, so how much you enjoy it can depend (to an extent) on the expertise of your contractor. It is advised to do your due diligence before hiring – check how experienced they are, read customer reviews and make sure they offer guarantees. Although for the most part, foam roofs are known for being energy efficient, save on maintenance costs, and are lighter in weight in comparison to other roofing materials.

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